Pixografie now!

by | 10. Jun. 2020 | Art News, From the Steuer Oasis

After lithography and photography comes pixography. Since the beginning of digitizing audiovisual content, the pixel has conquered the art scene. While pixelated music and images of the 1980s came across as rather sterile, today we have long since arrived at a place where, thanks to ultra-high resolution, emotional aspects can be conveyed digitally quite well.

Thanks to high computing power and solid-state storage disks bursting with terabytes, pixels can now flow pretty smoothly. This not only results in first-rate audio and visual creations but also the ability to work quickly and intuitively throughout the artistic process, which is a decisive factor in producing my pixographs.

I have been using these digital capabilities for my pixographs since the beginning of 2020 – for innovative shape and color combinations, for inspiration and intuition. In short: for creating from abundance. Until a pixograph makes its way into the analog world and enhances a business or private space, its ecological footprint is nearly zero.

Do you share my enthusiasm or do you see the development completely differently? Let me know!


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